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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Vermont Danby Marble® for kitchen countertops?

Aside from the beauty of Danby marble, it’s low absorption rate of (0.07) that makes it highly suitable for use in the kitchen. This absorption rate is lower than many granites. On average, Danby marble is installed everyday in this country with outstanding results.

What special care is needed for Danby marble?

As you would with any natural marble you will want to use an alcohol based impregnator on Danby marble. Depending on the manufacturer of the marble sealant, typically it is impregnated once at installation and then again once or twice a year. It is a very simple process just like polishing a piece of furniture.

Will Danby marble scratch or etch?

As with most natural materials, Danby marble can scratch and etch. However, with proper care, scratches and etching can be a minimum or avoided altogether. The good news is that any scratching or etching on a honed countertop can be repaired in place by the homeowner. Go to under documents to find the simple Comet treatment to this issue.

Should I use polished or honed Danby in my kitchen?

You can certainly use either but 95% of all slabs we sell for kitchens we sell as honed. Honed helps hide any minor scratches or etching and can be repaired in most cases by the homeowner. Go to under documents to find the simple Comet treatment solution.

Are there any cleaning solutions I should avoid when cleaning Danby marble?

Any acidic based cleaners will etch marble. These should be avoided. The best way to clean is with any mild dishwashing detergent and water.

Is Vermont Danby Marble® suitable for exterior applications, (i.e. freeze/thaw)?

Yes, Danby marble is suitable for most severe weather conditions. Our marble is required to go through several tests to be considered a suitable marble for commercial projects. Due to Danby marble low absorption rate, (0.07% - which is lower than many granites), makes is highly acceptable for exterior cladding and paving.

Is there a specified thickness that should be considered suitable for exterior cladding?

Depending on the application and project, certain thickness’ should be applied. Check with our experts for specifics for each project.

Does Vermont Quarries provide complete fabrication for projects?

Yes. Vermont Quarries Corp has one of the most complete marble processing facilities in N. America located within the Danby quarry. Our list of equipment includes: gang saw, polishing line, bridge saw, CNC machine, anchor slot machine, wire saw as well as on site craftsmen which enables us to provide any size, shape or quantity of our Danby marble for any project located anywhere in the world.

Where can I see examples of Danby marble installed in commercial settings?

You can see multiple examples of Danby marble under “projects” on our website. Or email us for more if you would like to use the photos for a presentation.

Is Danby marble available for LEED Certification points?

The Danby quarry sits within 500 miles of many major U.S. cities such as: New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, etc. Under the LEED point qualifications the use of local materials qualifies Danby for 1 LEED point. We are also working on receiving certain qualifications which will enable Danby marble to be certified for other LEED points. Check with us directly for more information.

Can I get samples of Danby marble for submittals and/or approval for my project?

Yes. We have a “sample request form” on our website. Simply fill out and send and you will have your samples with 5 business days in most cases.

Is it possible to pick out blocks or slabs for projects to assure we receive the correct selection?

Not only is it possible it is highly encouraged. Many architects and project owners come to the quarry to first choose the blocks and if possible to approve the slabs after the blocks are cut so there is no question that once the marble is shipped, it is exactly what the project wants. We also send photos of all material prior to shipment for approval.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Countertops

It's a myth that marble is not suitable for kitchen countertops. In fact, much of our marble has lower absorption rates than popular granites. Marble Countertops for Kitchen and Bath Installations

AIA Presentation

AIA Presentations

Use this opportunity to host a luncheon at your facility or showroom for your local architectural and design community. This hour long session is approved for 1 accreditation point. More details here